7th Grade Summer Reading

Students were provided with information regarding summer reading for 7th grade. ALL students must read Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings before the beginning of the school year. ELA classes will begin the year working with this novel. 

The second novel should be chosen from the list below. There will be a quiz administered during the first week of school.  Students are encouraged to take notes, highlight important sections, or write chapter summaries.

Avi –   Wolf Rider

Bloor, Edward –  Tangerine

Holly Golberg Sloan-Counting by 7’s

Lupica, Mike  – Travel Team 

Lupica, Mike- Heat

Pearl, Lila  – Four Perfect Pebbles


Distance Learning

The School Committee has approved a Distance Learning pilot.  This is a pilot of the communication process and at-home completion of assignments to see if eliminating snow days in the future is practical. This pilot will also provide opportunities to discuss and adapt the Distance Learning plan for potential implementation in 2019/2020.

Students have been given an assignment in each class that they can access on Google Classroom. These assignments are due on Thursday, June 6th.